Saturday, July 26, 2014

But first, coffee

Lets talk coffee, okay?

Coffee is such a big part of peoples day, its there life line in the morning... & afternoon. Well, sometimes all day...
Its most peoples social scene. If we are too meet up with a friend we usually will meet for coffee.

Some of us even use it too decorate our house.  

& then there are some that coffee is there living...

I have been a barista with Starbucks for a few years now. I liked coffee before I started there... but now that I am involved with coffee every day I have fallen in love.

I enjoy the smell, the different brew types, the roasting process, the conversation.
I enjoy the small coffee shop scene, & all of thee above.

Cold brewed iced coffee has become our new favorite brewing method.
On our days off we head over to the AMI donut shop (which I am sure you have heard me talk about)
We love how smooth & less acidic cold brewed is.

Also while we took a road trip too Tallahassee a few weeks ago we came across

Wow, fell in love with this little coffee shop. You can get your coffee brewed how ever you would like.
& they have there cold brewed on tap.
Yes, Please!

Well that's enough of me going on & on about coffee!
Till next time... Have a fantastic weekend friends!

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