Friday, October 3, 2014

October Dress Project:: 2014

I'm back, I cant believe its been 3 year since I last joined The October Dress Project.
I had not thought about the project till October 1st came around & everyone started posting pictures in there dress.  

The October Dress Project::
You wearing one dress for a month, with some exceptions, work, gym, sleeping. During this month you learn to be more creative with the clothes you already have, & become a lot more thankful for them.
My first year Alisha & I did it together. We had a lot of fun getting creative with our dress & sharing our experience with others. It was so nice having a friend join in on the fun.

Our 2nd year we got our friend Nikki to join us.



This year I am wearing a purple dress I got over the summer. I put a black tank top under the dress & wearing my Petunia Blooms headband.

First day for me, but day 3 
in the project. 
{sorry for the bad picture}

I plan on blogging once a week about my outfits. 

Please follow along. & if you would like join the fun. We are only a few days in!

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