Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Handmade By E


Handmade by E.

This month was kind of a slow one for crafting...
But getting creative it a good thing. Even if it does not feel that wild, & exciting. 

Sewing tote, & floral tote. 
The floral one is my favorite. Its the perfect size for an every day tote. 
The sewing one came out really long... 
But thats how you learn...  by making mistakes & correcting them. 

I used up the last of the chevron fabric for this fun coffee cozie. 

& chester is enjoying his new cheveron scarf.... Okay, maybe Im enjoying it more then him. 

My favorite project this month was this tote!
It turned out so perfect! 
I just love the paterns together, & had so much fun with the breaded straps... Even though I did break a needal on them *sad face*

Happy sewing friends! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Etsy Lover

   As you may already know... I LOVE ETSY! 

I spend way to much time adding items to my wish list, & buying WAY so many lovely things.  
Etsy is my biggest weakness.... I have a real problem.... & I don't want help, HAHA!

Today I want to share a few of my favorite shops with you. 

I'm crazy about these headbands. There perfect for those messy hair days, or to add a little color to your outfit. 

So do yourself a favor & buy one of these headbands. 

This shop was a HUGE help with my Christmas shopping this year. 
I am OBSESSED with elephants & Cabin + Cub sells elephant earrings & brooches. 

I now own both of these... 

Okay, okay... Can I just say.... CUTE! This shop is so cute!
I have a sewing machine plush 
her portraits are so perfect.  

I don't think I can count how many pieces of art I have from Pen & Paint. 
She is so talented!

I hope you enjoy shopping at some of my favorite Etsy shops! 
Happy weekend! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Handmade By E

Handmade By E::

I have been making handmade lovelies since I was a young child. 
& today I still love to make things by hand. 

It brings me such pride knowing that I created something that others enjoy.

Since a new year is here I have decided to document all my sewing projects. 
Every month I will write a short post about everything I have sewn & where I got the idea, or DIY from. 
I am hoping this will encourage others to create lovely handmade things for themselves, or for the ones they know. 


Steering wheel cover from here 

Over night bag:: Super easy 20 minute bag diy

Color Block Skirt. I have made a couple of these before & just love them. 
I bought this fabric almost a year ago & just now made it into a skirt. 
Planning on wearing this for Valentines dinner. 

Have fun getting creative!