Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Handmade By E


Handmade by E.

This month was kind of a slow one for crafting...
But getting creative it a good thing. Even if it does not feel that wild, & exciting. 

Sewing tote, & floral tote. 
The floral one is my favorite. Its the perfect size for an every day tote. 
The sewing one came out really long... 
But thats how you learn...  by making mistakes & correcting them. 

I used up the last of the chevron fabric for this fun coffee cozie. 

& chester is enjoying his new cheveron scarf.... Okay, maybe Im enjoying it more then him. 

My favorite project this month was this tote!
It turned out so perfect! 
I just love the paterns together, & had so much fun with the breaded straps... Even though I did break a needal on them *sad face*

Happy sewing friends! 

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