Saturday, February 21, 2015

Etsy Lover

   As you may already know... I LOVE ETSY! 

I spend way to much time adding items to my wish list, & buying WAY so many lovely things.  
Etsy is my biggest weakness.... I have a real problem.... & I don't want help, HAHA!

Today I want to share a few of my favorite shops with you. 

I'm crazy about these headbands. There perfect for those messy hair days, or to add a little color to your outfit. 

So do yourself a favor & buy one of these headbands. 

This shop was a HUGE help with my Christmas shopping this year. 
I am OBSESSED with elephants & Cabin + Cub sells elephant earrings & brooches. 

I now own both of these... 

Okay, okay... Can I just say.... CUTE! This shop is so cute!
I have a sewing machine plush 
her portraits are so perfect.  

I don't think I can count how many pieces of art I have from Pen & Paint. 
She is so talented!

I hope you enjoy shopping at some of my favorite Etsy shops! 
Happy weekend! 

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