Monday, February 16, 2015

Handmade By E

Handmade By E::

I have been making handmade lovelies since I was a young child. 
& today I still love to make things by hand. 

It brings me such pride knowing that I created something that others enjoy.

Since a new year is here I have decided to document all my sewing projects. 
Every month I will write a short post about everything I have sewn & where I got the idea, or DIY from. 
I am hoping this will encourage others to create lovely handmade things for themselves, or for the ones they know. 


Steering wheel cover from here 

Over night bag:: Super easy 20 minute bag diy

Color Block Skirt. I have made a couple of these before & just love them. 
I bought this fabric almost a year ago & just now made it into a skirt. 
Planning on wearing this for Valentines dinner. 

Have fun getting creative! 

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