Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Color love

Where to begin with my love of color. There are not many days that go by wear im not wearing a very colorful outfit. What can I say, I love color.

Teal, purple, blues, green, brown, yellow (yellow is my favorite house color right now), pink & all shades...

My color obsession right now... TEAL...
I cant get enough teal..
As I write I am wearing a teal skirt.
& as I look around the room there are teal bag, more teal skirt, teal shirts, teal accessories, & so much more..

I find myself shopping for clothes & have to make myself put down the teal item & choose
another color.

So, tell me... what is one of your go to colors right now?

Till next time:: I hope the rest of your week is fantastic friends! 

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