Friday, March 8, 2013

On The Road Again

My sister, and I have some really good friends who live in South Carolina:) 
I'm sure you have heard me talk about Jeremiah, and Jordan before. Jeremiah is one of my closest guy friends, and they both a dear to my heart. 

Rachel and I decided it was time to go for a visit! 
So yesterday morning we packed up and headed to South Carolina 
{my second favorite place, Idaho being my first}

The drive was smooth sail, or driving...

We made it yesterday afternoon, so we still had plenty of time to hangout, and find some trouble :) 

Yesterday we spent a little time downtown, and then got some dinner!
It was a great night talking, and catching up on life.
 {Jeremiah and I get really busy, and cant talk as much as we would like}

At this moment I am sitting by the window blogging, and enjoying the cool air, and company of my friends :)

Happy weekend friends!

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