Monday, March 11, 2013

Warby Parker

I was 14 years old when the eye doctor said I needed glasses, since then I have not been very good about wearing them when I need to. 
At some point last year I finally got a new pair of glasses that I really like, and it has helped with me wearing them more.

A few months ago I was talking to a guy I work with about glasses, and he told me about were he got his...

Oh my goodness, a little obsessed with this website!... Along with a lot of other things. 

You can pick 5 pairs out to try on, and then decide which ones would work best.
Such a great idea to be able to try them on... I am always a little nervous about shopping online. What if it does not fit right, or the color is not what it looked like online. 

I have spent part of my morning shopping for some new glasses....

Here are a couple pairs I am thinking about.... 

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