Monday, February 25, 2013

Granny Style {Knitting Love}

Last October I was introduced to loom knitting ... 
And my life has not been the same. I started off by making a mustard scarf. 

I wear it all the time, and it only took two movies to make it! 
{I cant sit still for very long, so I love having a craft while I am watching TV} 

Since October I have made one other scarf,  and my parents bought me the Martha Stewart loom kit, for Christmas!! :)

I have gone out and bought TONS of yarn, for a blacker, and hats.

Have not started the blanket yet, but did make a hat.

Side note::  My grandma has liver cancer, and from treatments has lost her hair. She has been saying how her head is always cold, so I made her a pink hat:)

 There were some challenges try to make this hat, but I finally figured it all out. Made this one a little smaller to fit grandmas head, and it fit perfectly. 
Grandpa says she wont stop talking about it, and loves the color! 

I am so excited to start my next loom project! 

Shout out to my stalker Gretchen!!! 

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