Wednesday, September 19, 2012

U.S Cray:: Part 3, Summers Days

My 20th summer has been a good one! I am so glad I have been able to see Jeremiah & Jordan more this year. And I have been enjoying my time with Alisha & all our friends. 

Alisha & I went and sow our love Trevor Hall, again! I don't think i could ever get tired of seeing his shows!
So much love for this guy!

Alisha, Jaquelyn & I all have the same skirt. One Sunday morning this summer we matched in our cute target skirts, that we bought for $12 :)
Have I ever told you Target is my favorite! Well it is!

Also this summer my cousins came to Florida for a visit! While here we went to the beach, had a cupcake date, and went to Busch Gardens. Its always fun to have family in town, and its always nice when they leave, haha :) 


Alisha & I took a weekend roadtrip to Tally so we could see this girl, with the blue hair, Nikki
Wow, I love going to Tally! Its a fun college town, with hills, pretty houses, & things to do.

While there we ate Mexican food, went to Railroad Square Art Park, tie dyed and giggled {a lot} 

A few of my finds while thrifting it up in Tally!

Lets hear it for some fall weather {For this Florida girl, it may get down into the low 70's}
Hope y'all liked hearing about my summer :)

Enjoy your day, whether its at work, sitting at home {blogging, crafting, being lazy}, or out and about.
Till next time, eli   

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