Tuesday, September 18, 2012

U.S Cray:: Part 2, SBC Summer Camp

This summer my church hosted there first summer camp!
Wow, it was so much fun, and SO much work. I never knew how much planning went in to a summer camp. Kids never want to sleep at camp, and yes I am only 20. But a week at going to bed at 3am, and then getting up at 6am. No way! 

Other then the lack of sleep it was a fun week. I enjoyed my time with the all the staff, and playing guitar for  our group sessions.
Our week was put together with:: 

Scary stories
Nature walks
Tree climbing


One day we took the kids tree climbing! They had so much fun being with each other, and trying something new. 

After one of our pool trips we went and got slurpees.
Thank to 7/11 75th birthday. :) 

Part 3:: Coming Wednesday!

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