Friday, September 14, 2012

U.S Cray:: Part 1, SC Addition

I cant believe summer is over. It was a fun and exciting time, with some small speed bumps along the way. 
Lets see were should I start. 

My family and I own some land in MO, and every summer we go up there for about 3 weeks (I only can stay a week)
This year I drove myself, cause we went to visit our favorite family in SC. Yes my friend Jeremiah! :)

We started off the weekend by going to downtown.While there we went to a small coffee shop, and shared many laughs, and stories of how life has been. As we were there one of us started reading a magazine, and it told a story about 9 mice around the town. There were riddles that went with all the mice, and we had to find them. So we spent our afternoon chasing fake mice. It was so much fun!

During our weekend there we decided that it would be fun for Jordan to come with us to MO. Since I was coming back to there house on my way home it worked out perfect. 

This year we tired to do more exploring. Last summer our family spent more time building some were to sleep, and did not have as many adventures. So dad made it a point this year to try to have some adventures while I was still there. We went to a bat cave, shopped in some cute towns, went canoeing, and just got to spend time together. It was a very nice time in the woods with my family, and our buddy Jordan

After about 5 days Jordan and I made our way back to his house, were I spent another weekend with his family. 

I was able to use facetime for the first time with my bestie!. That was great being able to talk with her, and hear all about her week.  

It is always a most enjoyable time being with Jeremiah, and Jordan. 

There is Part 1 of my summer. Stay turned for more :) 

Have a GREAT weekend friends <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

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