Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Well I sold my shoes For a front row seat on the moon}

Oh, Trevor Hall! "I don't want a reason anymore about the one I love, the one I love
I don't want a reason anymore about God above, God above
I just want to melt away, in all His grace
Drift away, into that sacred place
Where there's no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity."

I love Trevor Hall! Thanks to Alisha, she has me head over heals in love. Ok I may not love him that much.

{But I have always loved Reggae music}

When I am at home I will turn my TV to the Reggae station and dance all around the house. Well a couple months back Alisha told me of some Reggae artist she loved. Well I heard them and was hook. But by fare Trevor Hall is my favorite of all time. I love to hear his voice and his songs are so great to have on in the car driving to the beach.

So, I dedicate this post to Trevor Hall { An amazing Reggae artist } Alisha { For being Alisha, and introducing me Trevor Hall } and to Reggae Music { For being just awesome all on its own }

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