Saturday, April 30, 2011

Theres Not A Day That Goes By That I Dont Think Of You

6 months today I got the worst news. That my friend had died in a hit and run accident. He had been riding his bike to a friends like he did every night, but this night a car hit him and his dog at around 9pm that night. The dog died on the seen. Bruce was taken to the hospital and early the next morning went to go be with the Lord. I dont think I had ever cried so much as I did for him. He is someone who in impacted my life, and many others in a GREAT way. His love for others shined so brightly. If you needed someone to talk to he was the one you called. He wanted to be there for you at any time. There are just so many wonderful and amazing things about Bruce that could take forever to talk about. But today I am just wanting to remember a friend and his family. On this day as it's been six months since he left us here on earth.

Last night I could not help but cry myself to sleep. And then it made me more upset thinking how he is looking down on us probably telling us no to be sad. He is in a much better place now. He is with our Lord and Savor. But we are a greedy people and hate when we loose loved one, even if they are in a better place.

Today on my way to church I sow an accident were a car a hit a bike. And it made me burst in to tears. Everyday when I see a bike I get scared for that person and think of Bruce. I think about that night, and I think of how people need to pay more attention to bikes on the road.

So on this day I remember all the good things about Bruce. A pray for his family and the ones he left behind. And I pray for those people he was ministering to, and that by his life that they may find the cross.
Have a blessed Sunday, May 1,2011

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