Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Are Beautiful

A few days back I got a text for a dear friend of mine, the text said, how as girls we think about what we don't like about ourselves more then what we do like. She then asked us to list 10 things about ourselves, physically, that we like. And then yesterday I was reading my friends blog and sow how she had posted about the same text. So I thought I also would blog about this text. But I found out it is harder then you think to find things about yourself you like.

1. My eyes, I love the color of my eyes. I think I have very pretty eyes

2. That I am tall. When I was younger I hated being tall. I have always been taller then most of my girl friends. And I thought I was never be able to marry a guy taller then me. But now I am still taller then my girl friends and they guys are tall then me

3. My boobs, I think are the perfect size for me ad my body type

4. My size, I have learned how to find the right clothes that fight and my body. {You might think its easy to be thin but its difficult some times}

5. Okay this is a little odd, but my feet/toes. I think I have a nice foot and nicely sharped toes

6. My eyebrows

7. My hair, it is smooth and thick

8. My innie belly button

9. My long finger. It help when playing guitar

10. My ears

This blog post also goes along with the month of February. A couple days ago on facebook I got an invite to an event called "Tell Her She's Beautiful". This is what it is all about:

This is the second year of Tell Her She’s Beautiful! Let’s try to get to 2 million this time :)

What is "Tell Her She’s Beautiful"?
It all began with a conversation with my friend. To say the least, the topic soon became that of body image. She was telling me how unattractive she felt, although it couldn't be further from the truth. Then she told me the lengths she was going to go through to conform to the beauty the media portrays. Being a concerned friend, I tried to cheer her up and change her mind, nothing seemed to work. Then an idea struck me. I asked her, “what if I could prove that you are beautiful?” she replied, “how?” and I told her, “I bet I could get the whole world to tell you that you’re beautiful.” And so I went to work, and I created this event as a dedication to all of my friends that has had body image issues, and specifically for that one friend, so for a few days, everyone that passed by her would call her beautiful. And they did.

What do I do?
The point of the event is to tell someone that you believe is beautiful that they are beautiful, and I mean anyone. Mother, father, brother, sister, dog, cat, girlfriend, boyfriend. Remind someone who you truly believe is beautiful that they are beautiful because even just saying it will make that moment of their day that much happier. And what makes this month so special is you aren’t the only one calling them beautiful, the whole world is saying it with you. So go out, and tell someone that they are beautiful, you can change a day or even a life.

Firstly, to explain, I do not endorse beauty as being about appearances. I believe all beauty is from within, and that everyone has it. This goes for males as well, please do not be fooled by the name; I know how insecure guys could get too. As for choosing the month of February, I chose it because it’s usually associated as the month of love and perhaps superficial beauty and I want to change that. So instead of the lucky few feeling the love, we all have a chance to be reminded by someone we care about that we are beautiful.

This was also supposed to be a one time event, but seeing how many people who's lives had a positive impact because of the event, I've decided to recreate the even. Now it's dedicated to everyone, rather than just my friends.

Remember everyone, you ARE beautiful.
Have a nice day

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