Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Enough To Know, But Too Young To Care

Oh how I am going to miss 2010! I don’t want this year to end so soon. I have really been grieving over the fact that 2010 is almost over, and I have a new year to begin. I had the most amazing, incredible, memorable, FANTASTIC year ever. This year I made some amazing friends, and grew closer to old ones! I fell in love, and broke hearts. Made it though 12 years of school {never thought I would say that} and also started a new job. Learned that people can let you down, and Jesus is all I need in life FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

One of my biggest accomplishments this year is that I got through 12 years of school! YAY! I graduated! I never thought this last year was ever going to come. I remember being 14 or so and dreaming about my senior year. And the truth, now that it is over I want it back. I had the best time spending my senior year with three best friends. The three people that complete me and make every day a joy. I love them so much!

Alisha has been in my life since I was born and when we were about 16 we became good friends. And now I call her my best friend!
Gavin, he is just a pretty goof fun loving kid! He is someone who love to be silly, but then if you need someone to talk to he is there.
Brett is the best! Its because he is Canadian! He gives the greatest hugs and is an amazing Christan man.

I went through one of the biggest things this year I have ever had to deal with. I fell in love with the wrong man. He was someone who is so amazing in every way, but he is not a Christian. And I did not think that mattered at first but I found out it does. I had to break his heart and mine. I did not take this as a mistake I took it as a learning proses. I learned to guard myself has a women. I learned to be content were I am at the time. I need to follow after Gods will for my life. NOT MINE! And I need to seek my dads counsel when it comes to guys. Now that almost 7 months have passed I am still finding myself thinking about him, wondering what he is doing this weekend, and I want to tell him things about my day. But I know that time and with the Lords help all wounds can healed. I am still learning, falling, making the same stupid decisions and having to get back up and start over. During all of this I found this really awesome quote from Plato I think.

"Love is like grass, If you fall on it, it may leave a stain and some temporary pain. But you'll get over the pain, it will eventually stop hurting. Now maybe the stain ruined your favorite pair of jeans, or maybe it was nothing special that was ruined, but either way the stain remains there. And with time, it will begin to fade, but it will always be there, a permanent reminder that you, too, once fell"

And a month before the new year I learned that life really is short, and that we should all live every day like it is out last. On December 1st I got home from work and found out a good friend of mine had passed away that early morning. Over the month of December I kept thinking about his life he lived here on earth. What a man of God he was and how he never waisted time. He loved others, and most of all loved God. He was a very real person! I want to model a life of God and Bruce. I want people to meet me and see a real person. I want to do every thing I can to reach the world with the gospel. And I don't want to waist time!
I am so glad I have such amazing people in my life. This year has been AMAZING. I met new people, learned new things {about life and myself} grew closer to my Lord Jesus, and fell more in love with my family. I hope all of you had a year like mine. I am so very sad to have seen it leave, but so very blessed to have friends and family right beside me as I take on 2011.

Here is a list of highlights from 2010

Falling in love with Reggae music
Loosing a friend {But keeping him with me in my heart always}
Vaca to Idaho
Late nights
Senior prom
Road trips
Turning 18 Baybee!!!!

List of determinations for 2011

Reading through the whole Bible
Working out
Living every day like its my last
Memorize the book of James and one Psalms
Spend my time more wisely
Enjoy EVERYTHING!!!!!!

So farewell 2010, and hello to 2011!

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