Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Two years!!! I have been blogging now for two years!!!! Wow, it does not seem like that long. I remember one of my friends started blogging and I thought it was really cool. So, about a year later I started my own blog. I did not know what I was going to blog about or even what to call it. So I decided I was going to blog about.... ME.

When I was about 12 I wanted to start a blog about my life on the high sea. But my family and I never made it that far living on a boat. So years later I still started a blog, but instead of the high sea it turn in to day to day life of an American teenager. I have told you about highs in my life, struggles, my friends, what I am thankful for and many more things. I enjoy blogging very much, and I am very thankful for you who read my blog.

My blog has also gone through a name change a few months back. Since I did not know what to call my blog when I started I thought "guitar grl" fit, since I play guitar and I am a girl. But I felt like it was very boring so now I am "The Everlasting Eli". And that came from my nickname eli. My best friend now calls me her "everlasting eli".

So happy two years of blogging!!!! I am very excited to have been sharing a little about me to the world for this long. And I can blog for many more years to come. Love you all!

Ely Sue

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