Thursday, November 4, 2010


As everyone knowns it is November, and we all know what November means.... Thanksgiving! In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am blog each day on some thing I am thankful for. I think if I have done the math right, with starting on Monday, that will be 17 days. I think I can do this! I am sure there are so many more then 17 things I am thankful for.

This Thanksgiving season think on what you are thankful for! Maybe its your family, friends, a new "toy" you have gotten. A nice house you live in, your children, Health, Ect. Just take this month and really think on all that you may have, be thankful about it. And then maybe help someone that does not have as much as you.
And on the giving note. I am also going to help someone in some way who may not have as much. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. But you will for sure hear about it.

So go out there and be thankful and give! Share the Thanksgiving spirit with others!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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