Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Trip To Idaho

So, I grew up in northern Idaho and when I was almost 12 we moved back to Florida. My dad felt like the Lord was leading us to be missionary to the keys. Well they did not happen and the Lord had other plans for us. For the past 6 years I have lived in Florida! And for all this time I have been saying I will come back to Idaho and visit everyone again. That did not happen till 2 weeks ago.

If you stay up with my blog then you know this year I graduated from high school. So, I was talking with my friend Ryan one day. And I decided to take some of my graduation money and buy a plan ticket to go see everyone again.

I had been talking with Ryan for a few weeks before I got there and was telling him I was nurvise seeing everyone again. It had been so long I did not know how we would all get along. I got there on a Tuesday and Ryan and his little sister Andrea came and picked me up. They next morning we all got to just sit around and talk kind of get to know each other again. Alyssa ( who was my best friend growing up ) and Andrea and I hit it off like we had been with each other for all these years.

It was so much fun to go from city, beach life to back woods. It takes like 30 minutes to get to town and they live on dirt roads. I really enjoyed going on walks and being able to go right down the road and go shooting. I miss that life a lot!

I was able to hangout at the county fair. I sow so many people that I would have not seen if the fair was not going on that week. One of my favorite parts was the last night I was there I went to Aunt Lynes house for dinner. And after dinner her and I went out side and talked for a while. It was really encouraging talking with her. She had a lot of great ideas for my like right now and lots of growing up advise HAHA!

Last thought: I was able to learn new things, see old friends, make new friends and have some chill time! I am going to start saving when I go home to come back some time next year.

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