Friday, September 17, 2010

Looking for the new chpter in my life, college: Aveda

Today Alisha and I went to Aveda for her to be a hair modle for a friend. So, while she got her hair done, I toured the school. Wow! I love it! But it is so much money. They teach you so much and really help you to come out of school with a job. And that is a great thing. Its hard enough paying for school, but if you can come out with a good paying job. Score! I talked with the them for about an hour plus today and they seem to really want to work with me. I really would love to come here, but we will have to see. I need to go check out more schools before I say this is were I want to go. {'chapter one' in a jouney to find the right school}

Ely Sue {The Hair Stylist}

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