Saturday, September 18, 2010

Being In Prayer For One Another

My friend Ramiro! :)

Wow, he is a great Christian guy! He is trying his best to live for his Lord and savor. He always encourages me, with verses he has read during the week. Or just a story about his walk in the Christian life. He always has such words of wisdom. So, in this post I am just wanting to encourage everyone to pray for one another.

The other day Ramiro and I were talking and we both had things we need prayer for, so we just said that we would keep one another in pray. WE ARE PRAYER PALS! And I think we should all do that. Find a friend that you can pray for or with. Find someone that is going to keep you accountable for your Bible reading, for your witnessing, for your walk with the Lord. Pray for your lost friends, and pray that you get the courage or for the time to witness to them. Pray for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I think it is so important to keep one anther in pray. We are all going through trials and if you are a Christian we should encourage each other. I hope yall get what I am trying to say, and get some thing out of this post.

Last thought: {You can rejoice because your name is written in heaven!You can rejoice because He's given you all good things! You can rejoice because You have so great a salvation.}

{Ely Sue}

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