Monday, September 6, 2010

An Amazing Friendship

Alisha! Wow what a great friend she is. We have known each other since birth, both our moms were pregnant together. And I cant say we have been friends all that time. There was a time were I lived states away and we only sow each other maybe every two years. So when I moved closer to her we were not very good friends. We were nothing alike and it was more are parents trying to get us to be friends not so much us wanting to. But over the past about three years we have become a little closer. And I would say since our 16Th year we have been great friends! This year our friendship became even stronger. She is one of my best friends and such an amazing person. So strong as a person and a Christian! She has a good head on her, and will go so fare in life. I love her so much and I am very thankful we have become such good friends.

Last thought: And while I am writing about her I should say that I am also thankful for a great friends like Gavin and Brett! We are the four best friends that anyone has ever had. :)

{Love you guys}

Ely Sue <3

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