Thursday, July 22, 2010

A True Friend

I was on Facebook today and one of my friends posted this.

"They say a true friend can go long periods of time without speaking and
never question their friendship. These types of friends pick up just
like they spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far
away they live..."

I thought it was so great I had to share it! This statment is so true!

My best friend Jaquelyn lives about 45 minuts from me. And we both have busy lives so we do not get to see each other like we would like. And we are so bad at calling and only get around to writing letters maybe once a month. But when we do call or see each other, we pick right up were we left off. Some of our friends think we are crazy because we dont talk all the much. But I always know I have true friend in her. And if I need to talk to someone she will be there.

Last thought: The Lord has put so many great people in my life. But she is one person that has a very specail place in my heart! And I would go nuts without our friendship. I hope this puts a smile to your face. <3 Ely Sue

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