Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Heart For My Country

I love politic! And this year I have really wanted to be next president of the United States!!!

I just got home from church a few hours ago and my pastor was talking about how this country needs the Lord more then ever. God is slowly taking his had off our country and one day we will not be free any more. Every day we're loosing our freedom. The gverment is coming in to our lives more and more. They way we are going we will be like Cuba, and Obama will be our leader.

If you call your self a Christian, then you should have a heart for the lost and dieing souls in this country. Every day people are dieing and going to hell. And we need to tell them that Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day. We need to tell people every day what Jesus did for them. Everyone of us are sinners, the Bible says if we have told one lie we are a lier. I know I am a lier, but I was forgiven because of Jesus dieing on the cross to forgive our sins. I have a question for you? Do you think you have kept all the ten commandments? I know I have not. I have another question?... If God were to judge you by the ten commandments, do you think you would be innocent or guilty? I would have to say I would be guilty. And one last question. Do you think you would go to heaven or hell? I can say I would go to heaven! Because I asked Jesus to forgive me and make me new. And he did that, and now I am living for Him. Its not easy, its really hard at times. But it is worth it!!!

I pray if you are reading this you really take it to heart. We are loosing our freedom and Jesus is and has been the only way.

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