Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Night To Remember

For about the past month I have been planning and think about my senior prom. My best friend Alisha and our two friends Brett and Gavin are all going to prom together. We have done a lot of stuff together this year. We are all seniors and a graduating. It is going to be a great night with my friends that I have become so close to.

Last year was so much fun I went with my boyfriend ( at the time ) Mike and we had a fun night with friends. Last year was a "Red Carpet Event". We had a great time being able to dress up and have fun with friends that we have been doing things with since little.

Alisha and I went on Friday to do the test run with our hair it was lots of fun getting out hair done on a random day. We are going this week to get our acrylic nails done and petis. And then we are both getting highlights done. And the day of prom we are going to get our hair and make up done. Then coming back to my house to finish getting ready for prom. My dress is so awesome, but you cant see it yet. I will for sure blog about my great night and post pictures from prom. My senior prom is going to be "A Night To Remember"

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