Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Senior Prom

As yall know it is my senior year in high school. This year has been great so fare and I know it will be better. This past Friday was my senior prom and it was wonderful.

Fri st thing I have to write is that one of my best friends Alisha has been preparing for prom with my the past week. It has been so fun! Well Alisha best best friend Dria went off to college last year and has been in Tennessee for school. Well Alisha thought she was not going to be home till Saturday. But really Dria came a surprised Alisha and came to prom with us. She was so surprised and was lots of fun having her with us.

Our group got a limo and we all met and Brett's house and took pictures and headed on our way to prom. It was cool riding in a limo with all my good friends. But the air did not work very well at all. :( We finally made it to Sylvie Gardens were prom was held. It was so pretty and fun being able to walk around and take pictures and goof off before every thing got started. Alisha Brett Gavin and I have been doing every thing together this year and have become great friends. It was cute Alisha asked Brett for a dance and I asked Gavin it was fun out there the 4 of us dancing with our friends.

Best part of the night was Alisha won prom queen! AAHHH! I was so happy for her she wanted prom queen so badly. She looked so cute up there and was so happy. Congrats Alisha you are the best!

After prom the limo came and picked us up and we headed back to Brett's were Brett Alisha Gavin and I hung out till about 3 just hanging out having fun. I love my senior peeps so much! I thank the Lord for giving me such great friends. I am so glad to be able to one day look back and smile at all the crazy sweet funny goofy exciting memoirs we have made together.

My senior year has been great so fare. I have had to over come a some things but I have made it through them. And every thing will work out with the Lord by my side all the time. It was a great night ( week ) I will not forget. Love you Alisha Brett and Gavin!

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