Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wonderful Gift Broken

A wonderful gift broken. I just had my prom over the weekend so I thought it would be sweet to make Mike and I a picture from with our pictures in it from prom. So last night I printed pictures went out and bought two frame cleaned the glass. I got the pictures in the frame and had my mom put our names on it and the date all that fun stuff and then i went and rapped... So after work today I gave him is frame with our pictures in it.. He was messing around with it and dropped it and it broke. I really could not believe he broke it. I don't think he could ether he kept on saying how he messes every thing up. When I do sweet things for him he ends up messing it up.. I don't think he does but even if he does I still love him and think he is great. But hey it was an accident now tonight I am going to make another one for him. I just had to share that with you bloggers.

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