Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Wonderful To Disaster To Wonderful Again

The day started off like just another Saturday morning getting up laying around the house same o same. This Saturday though Mike and I had my best friend Jaquelyn's Open House to attend. So we left that afternoon for her place to see her on the big day. It was great I got to see some of my other friends and had a great time. Then we head home to go change to meet our friend out at the beach for dinner before prom. We finally made it home and were on the road again heading to the beach. We got there and there was NO were to park so we drove around looking for some were to park. I hate having to back my car up in small places I have this really big car and it is no fun to drive when having to back up. Any way we got a parking space and met our friends for dinner. It was a lot of fun chilling with friends eat and goofing off. Well Mike and I headed out and were going to ketch a movie. As we got to my car I sow there was a yellow piece of paper on the window I for a ticket for parking to fare on to the road. No way a ticket this is great. Well we missed out movie but all in all it was a great day. Man the beach is no fun to park at on a Saturday night. The mot wonderful and disastrous things from day to day.

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