Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom A Night TO Remember

Last night was my high school prom. I had the best time getting all dressed up and fixing my hair really nice and doing my make up, but at times it was not all that fun. Man I have a a time this past week. All in the same week I have school, work, record book, other kids record book and prom. On my facebook I keep write there is not enough time in the day/week. So as you might be able to tell I have been very busy and it has not stopped yet. Prom was a nice chill time thought but let me tell you some things that happened before prom. Okay so about a week ago I asked my hair Rannie if she could come do my hair. She had some modeling thing to do or some thing that night so, she could not. But she said that she would get her friends at the hair school to do my hair for me. So now my hair is taken care of just have to show up at 12 ish on Friday. My dress is taken care and all the other stuff I cant do till right before so now I have only school and 4H to whore about. I was on my cousins girlfriend facebook looking at there prom picture when I remembered I had to get a bootaner for Mike O NO I forgot. So guess what I was doing on Thursday after work going to get a bootaner for Friday night... Now it is Friday and I am ready to get my hair done my friend Angie and I already decided that she was going to style my hair but I still needed it to get cut. That morning I got up did a little shopping and then off to get my hair cut. When I get there they said they will not do my hair and Rannie did not tell them that I was coming. Now I am getting really upset and just want to cry and had already had a time finding this place. And now they wont cut my hair. I finally get my hair cut and then go get "starbuck" starbucks makes ever thing better. I get home go get my hair done and then all the family starts to come like my grandparents Mikes family and then well mine. We are finally off and what can I say it was a super night. Lots of fun being with friends and goofing off.

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  1. Love that dress, Elisabeth! =) Glad you had a good time, and Starbucks is definitely a great way to diffuse stress...I think I might get some today. Not that I'm super stressed, but who needs an excuse like that?! =D