Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Thankfull Sinner By My BC Jeremy

As I starred into the mirror
My body was filled with fear

The man that looked back at me
Was not the man I use to see

This wasn’t the same man others saw
I wouldn’t call him much a man at all

Confused, I asked, “Am I you.”
No tricks, this reflection was true

Sick of the sight, I turned my head in shame
Then I heard His strong voice say my name

I turned and He looked straight at my face
Embarrassed I lower my head in disgrace

His gaze was gentle and beamed like the stars
With eyes that pierced through my deepest scares

He didn’t point His finger at me with blame
But knelt beside me and wept all the same

The wound on His hand filled my heart with guilt
From all the meaningless walls between us I built

Then He said: “While still my enemy
For you, my blood stained the tree”

His innocence covered the ugliness of my sin
When they took the nails and drove them in

I glanced back at the mirror and saw my complexion
This time I saw beauty, it was my Father’s reflection

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