Saturday, February 7, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

O my goodness my day was just made like 3 minutes ago.. So I am going to be babysitting this guy from works little brother and I thought maybe him and I would go to the movie while I am there.
So I was online looking up kids movies the we could go see ( side note there are like none ) anyway, So I went to look at upcoming movies and sow that TRANSFORMERS 2 was coming out.
How awesome is that I mean that is like the greatest thing since like the 1st one came out. I think my life is now complete. I now know why I was put on earth to go see Transformers 2. Ok not really but it is like great news well I think so. I hope you also enjoy my excitement about this life changing event about to happen on June 26, 2009. So righton if you go and see it, and if not well I hope you have one good excuse.
Later people of this amazing would my Lord and Savor made.

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