Saturday, February 7, 2009

Save A Life This Valentines Day

Valentines day is coming up, what do you associate the most with it?

Is that crappy cards you use to get or make in elementary.
Finding a person to be your valentine.
Giving of gifts.
Sharing love.

Maybe to other this is the saddest time of the year:
Maybe the person got married on that date, and then got divorced, or maybe the happiest date a person had was on that day, but all the are left with is the memory.

What about the widow/widower who is alone, with out a lover, cause something has taken them away.

What about all the suicides i am sure are bound to happen on that day, cause the people feel so alone.

Is love truly in the air right now?

True love can heal these broken hearts!
True love is agape, an unconditional love: A love saying i don't like what you do or how you act, but i will love you no matter what, a love that we don't practice, we are told to love our neighbors by a wise man. But we don't!
We over look those broken hearts in the dark places. We over look that elderly lady you see at church who is there, no family, a few friends. Maybe she is heart broken.
Maybe you can heal that heart by showing that Agape love is still out there!

Love should truly be in the air, Not Eros the romantic erotic love, but Agape, the love that will not be broken, the love that can heal, the love that reaches to the other side, that can pull someone everyone the blade or away from that noose.

Make a valentine, for someone you think might need one during this season.

You might just save a life!

And make someone feel a whole lot better. People will see that love is in the air! For everyone, not just couples.

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