Sunday, February 8, 2009

Online Friends

The coolest thing happened last night.. About 4 years ago I meet this guy online his name was Cody and we started talking a lot.. Most of the time I would never talk to someone I did not know, but this time I did. He was a Christan in high school and seem like a good guy. We kept talking for about a year or two then we stop.
And I had been thinking about him wondering if there was any way I could get his email of some way to talk to him again.
Well last night my friend Mike and a group of us went to the drive in. We get there and this guy comes up to me. He said, you are Elisabeth, and then asked are you home schooled? Well I just think Mike told him. He said that he thought he new me from some were well it was dark so I could not see him that well.
The movie started and we are all having a good time. After the movie he comes up again you are Elisabeth we use to talk online like years ago. I freaked out I was like know way CODY I thought I would never talk to you again let alone meet you.
So ya last night I meet my online buddy that I had not talk to in years.. How cool is it living in a small town.

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