Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Hanging Around On A Lazy Thursday Afternoon

 At this very moment I have not gotten out of bed & I am being very lazy. 
I have been on vacation for the past week & loving it! 
When I get home from vacation I am moving in to a new house...
I have had lots of time to think about what needs to be done & what I would like to do to make it our own...
One thing I have not been able to get out of my mind is having tons of hammocks...
{Thanks to one of my friends}

...So sit back & let your mind wonder...

Today think about camping on the side of a mountain, & your bed is a hammock...

Or you finally took that weekend off & spent it lounging in a hammock next to the beach {that sounds wonderful to me}

Maybe you just got home from a long day a work... Made a hot cup of tea, grabbed that book you have been reading,
 & laid on the pouch in your hammock.

Imagine being with someone you care about & cuddling, laughing & sharing your thoughts with one another. 

Today I am dreaming of all these things...
I have always loved hammocks. 
When I was 15 I put a hammock up in my room, & most of the time slept in that other then my bed.
I think I love them so much cause they take my thoughts to the beach. to the cool breeze & salty air:) 

 The living room in my new house is going to be decorated in elephants... I think a hammock like this would work perfectly:) Oh the fun we will have!   

 Have a GREAT Thursday friends! 
& have fun dreaming :) 


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