Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Washi Tape Madness

I may have a little obsession with, 
Washi Tape! 

Its this fun tape that you can put on anything!!! I have it on my laptop, greeting cards, walls... Really, just about anything! 

Since today is my day off I am getting a little crafty with my washi tape. 

This morning I remembered that I had bought these black lets months ago, & was not sure how I wanted to use them. For a moment I thought I would paint them, but did not feel like getting all my painting stuff out. 
I was looking on Pinterest {one of my other obsessions} and saw things for washi tape... 
I thought it might be fun to cover my letters with it:)

Man, was it ever fun, & easy! This project took me less then 10 minutes! 

I love how it turned out, & it looks great in my room :) 

 I have the letter E that I am also working on this morning.

How do you like to use your washi tape???


  1. I've never used washi tape!! This is probably the first project I've seen with it that I would duplicate! haha

    1. Its so fun, I put some on my laptop, and my light switch :) It turned out so cute! I hope you get some of this fun tape, and love it has much as I do :)

      Thanks for reading:)