Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aprils Days Turn To Mays

This month has been lots of fun. Really busy, but thats okay with me. 

Rachel won tickets to see the Hunger Games in the IMAX. One night we had a sister date and went to see it again for like the 3rd time. 

For my birthday my family got tickets to see Seven Brides For Sever Brothers at our local theater. 

The only day we could go was on mothers day. So after church we all went and sow this amazing play! It was the best Birthday gift ever!!! 

I think one of the biggest things that has happened this month would be my friend Austin getting married! We have known each other since I was about 4. He is the one on the top right.

He met a lovely young lady almost 2 years ago, and two weekends ago they got married! 
It was a small beautiful wedding here in Florida. 

Along with lots of wedding this year, there have also been several graduations. 
This past weekend my sister and I went to SC for my good friends Jeremiahs graduation party!
It was fun getting to surprise him, and share a special day in his life.

I think we all had a fun weekend, hanging out and sharing lots of laughs. 

My best pal Miah!!! I am very thankful for our friendship, and blessed to have him in my life. 
Love you, friend!

So, this is a little recap of my month! I pray yall had a GREAT month of May! 

 Eli <3 

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