Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 5, Song

Day 5, A song to match my mood.....
This may take a moment. 

I just love music so much, and there are so many song that make me so happy.
Songs that were made just for me. {well, that's what I think}

Well, I have been thinking about growing up a lot. I am almost 20, and just had a death in my life. When ever you loose someone it makes you think about how short life is. How you want every moment to be amazing, and don't want to wast time doing nothing. I want to live a life for Jesus, have fun in all I do, and take simple life and make it lovely. 

I think {Tattoos On This Town - Jason Aldean} is the song that would describer my mood. 
Its talking about life, growing up, fun times and leaving a statement in your life.
This is what I want! I life worth living. 

Happy Friday!
I know its been a good Friday for me. 
Got to hangout with my sister & best friend tonight. Meet the boys in a band we life. Talked, laughed mad jokes. It for sure was a good night :) 
Beards, flannel & Audea = fun stuff. 

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