Tuesday, January 3, 2012

25 Random Facts

25 random facts about me.
I have really not been to creative the past week or so with my blog. So, I thought with the new year and all I would make a list of random facts.
Kind of like a get to know me....
  • I love guitar... and every other interment
  • bows are an obsession
  • I usually have pearls on
  • I am in love with Jesus
  • love my Chihuahua Chester
  • FSU fan
  • have one little sister
  • think Toms are amazing
  • not to much of a reader
  • enjoy being crafty and creative
  • think hippies are cool
  • in love with a boy
  • am barista
  • have amazing friends
  • road trips are the best
  • want to see the world. {Germany, Ukraine, England, Finland}
  • grew up in North Idaho
  • play the guitar, flute and mandolin
  • would like to learn the banjo
  • lived on a boat with my family. {for about a year and a half}
  • vintage lover
  • color is much needed in life
  • hiking and being outdoors is wonderful
  • Class of 2010
  • the beach is home away from home
Here are some thing you may have not known about me.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day. :)

{Enjoy Everything}


  1. I think I knew almost all of these. ;) Love random posts like this!

  2. Yeah! Your 21st Birthday post I knew almost all of them. I was very excited haha :) I love random post. :)