Thursday, December 1, 2011

{Joyous Thursday}

...Today has been simple...
I did not work till later in the day... So, I was able to sleep in, and take my time this morning.
I worked with some awesome people :) And close with my best friend <3
When I got home tonight I had a package waiting for me! It was the tote I had ordered over Black Friday!

Its so adorable! I just love it! Thank you to Hannah over at Han Made Things .

And then my best friend texted me saying.... Tigerweather was going to be in town on Friday!!! AAAHHHHH FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT!!!! Her and I were just saying tonight how they need to have a show in our area... They header our wishes and made them come true! <3 What great guys they are ;)

How was your Thursday??? Did anything exciting happen?!

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