Monday, December 5, 2011

How He Loves Me

empty me of me so I can filled with you.
empty me of me the selfishness inside
every vain ambition, and the poison of my pride
and all the foolishness my heart holds to.


This is my prayer daily.

I have been very self consumed over the past couple weeks. I am only thinking of myself & less of Jesus. I am not the only on this earth.

We all have things happen that hurt... I am not the only one... But if I am not careful I will let myself get fully consumed with the hurt, and the bad in life. When I need to have faith that He is going to work the bad out, and I need to be looking on the good.
The Lord has it all worked out. No, its not always in my timing, or how I want it to be. But His plan is fare better then mine.

The Lord is so powerful! He can heal this broken heart. This heart... that has built up so much hatred towered someone so dear to me. This heart that wants to give up, and stop trying.

I need to cling to the Lord. He needs to be my guide in all I do & say. Without Him, I would be a hopeless mess. Ohhhh, how thankful I am that He loves me. Even when I make stupid choices...
I wish I could say that one day I will have it all figured out, and not make the same mistakes. {I am only human} that will only happen when I am in Heaven with my Lord & Savor.

Oh, How I love You <3 <3 <3

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