Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{12 Days Of Christmas} Friends

Today was amazing! I have some awesome friends & was able to spend time with them on this lovely Tuesday.

This morning I had coffee with my dear friend Jaquelyn. She got married in October & with all the craziness of life we have not seen each other in two months. But we finally had the time to get coffee this morning. It was wonderful talking & laughing with her. We exchanged gift while we were together. {I cant wait to use my new coffee sleeve}

So happy for my friends :)

Then after work tonight it was time for some Applebees with the cool kids. Alisha, Shawn, Sean & I all went out for some food after work. I have really amazing friends & work with some awesome people :) Can life be an better?... I think not. :)

I hope everyone had a GREAT Tuesday :)

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