Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Week

Starting tomorrow morning I am going to not use my computer for a week. I want to use the time I spend online, listening to music, blogging, editing photos, ect to read my Bible, to pray and spend more time with the Lord. I feel like I just wast time online doing nothing. Shopping online is not a need. :) So in this week I want to become closer with the love of my life, my Lord Jesus. I am also going to make a few mix CD's of god praise music. I am going to only listen to those CD's in this week. I am wanting to make my whole focus on the Lord. I want to think more like Him and live a life more in His image. And I feel that if I start the day off with good Christian music it will help with my mind set. It will start me off with more a heavenly mind set, other then a worldly one.

I am going to get some notebook paper and write about me week. And then on Monday the 21st I will blog about my experience.

Dont miss me too much! ;) Bye for now blogging world.

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