Monday, December 6, 2010

Returning The Smile You Have Had From The Start

As a wrote last post my dear friend Bruce died on December 1, 2010. He was the victim of a hit and run on Tuesday night. On December 4th I heading up to Daytona with a few friends for his memorial service. It was a sweet service full of tears and laughs. He was a GREAT young man full of life! We all shard funny times we had with Bruce. And things that he had taught us over the years of knowing him.

The guy had a joy for life. I can never remember a time he did not have a smile on his face, or was goofing off trying to make people laugh. He always sow the better in life and people. At his service they had a few of his things out for everyone to see. One of the things was a To Do List {his mom said they found it in his pocket} and at the end of his list it said in caps ENJOY EVERYTHING! That was Bruce! He wanted to enjoy every thing! Thats was one of the first things I sow in him when met was his joy for life.

I am going to miss him! But he has taught me a few things this through all of this. First that I want to live life to its fullest. I don’t want to put things off till tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come. I want to reach as many people has I can with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t want to see friends and family die and go to hell. I want to know {like I do with Bruce} I will see them again in heaven. I want the Lord to be pleased in the life I lived! I want lots of people to come to my memorial service and tell wonderful things about how I was full of life, I lived a life for Jesus Christ, I was a friend to many, and cared for others {even the lowest of they}

From this post I hope you get encouraged by a young mans life! This bring tears to my eyes, but also makes me happy! Don't feel sad, feel joyful, because if you know Jesus as your savor you will meet this young man in heaven one day. And if you don't know Jesus take the time right now to change your life. Tell Jesus how you are a sinner and need a life change. Talk to a pastor at your local church. "Today is the day of salvation saith the Lord". Please don't waist any more time living a life of your own, because if you just read this you know life is short.

Conclusion: I know there was a reason Bruce is not here with us now. And I really believe it is because someone does not know the Lord as there own savor and they will hear Bruce's story and change there life.

Bruce this is not goodbye, but see you later! I am so blessed I met you all those years ago, I am glad I can call you friend. And thanks for changing my life in a GREAT way. Miss you friend!

Enjoy Every! <3

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