Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something beautiful Something torn from my hands, in my memory I wrote you down in ink

This is about someone I called my best friend. Someone in my life I love, someone who I fight with and dont always like every thing he does. Someone who drives me crazy and I dont always want to be around. But someone who makes me laugh, and I always have a should to cry on. Someone who will help me in any way he can at any time. Someone I love.

So about the past 3 months I have been going through a bad break up..... But now with a boyfriend, with a best friend. It has been a hard thing in my life. This is someone who has been my best friend since I was 13/14 years old. We have done every thing together. We have had our problems, but always came back around and made up. Well this time it has lasted longer then I wish, and I have felt like I never want him in my life again. Till the other night.... He has tried to talk to my over facebook, but I could have cared less. But he called me the other night and left a message and since then I have been thinking about him. How we use to be inseparable, and there was never him with out me and vise versa. I sow him today, and was in his presents for a couple hours {we never truly talked} but just seeing him again made me want to smile and make up right then and there. { I know this sounds like a boyfriend, but he is ONLY my bestfriend } And I love him tons!

So I think I am going to turn this in to one of my thankful blog post. This will be on friendship, I am thankful for my bestfriend! Yall know who you are and know that I am truly thankful for you! I would be lost in this crazy world with out my GREAT friends!

Last thought: Hoping to make up soon! :D

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