Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been doing a blog series on thankfulness, and I have been really busy I have not had time to blog everyday. Or even once a week. So it has not been working out like I thought, but I am still try to blog while I can. I wanted to blog about this a few days ago, but you know, no time. So I am going to blog right now while I have time.

I think it was last Thursday I was spending to night with my bestfriend, and we went to her house because her family was having a fire and food. So we headed out to her house, and when we got there her family was just about to have a burning ceremony for the American flag. During the summer at camp they would have a burning ceremony {it was my favorite part of camp}. When Mr. Scott was ready about what the flag stands for it made me so proud of were I live. The freedom and rights we have as Americans.

I am sorry I have not been blogging as much as I said I would, but I will try to blog a couple more times before Thursday!

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