Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am Thankful For My New Car

God is so good! I dont come from a family with money, and I dont have a job that pays much. So when it came time for me to buy my first car the choices in my price rang were very slim. Well I had been saving for a year or so, for my first car. I did not have all that much saved and it was already December. And I got my licence in January..... Well that Christmas we had "Hope Children's Home" come to our church. While they were there the Lord told me I
need to give most of my saving to "Hope Children's Home". Oh my, I pretty much told God NO... At first, but God has a way of reminding you of what is right and needs to be done. Well after I fought it for a while I did what I was told, and gave most of my saving to "Hope Children';s Home". I came to the fact I was not going to be getting a car for some time. And I was okay with that!

But about 3 months later my dads friend came in town and said how he had a car. He asked if my dad wanted it, but dad said that I might want it. Well I said YES I free car hello. I was so excite
d I was getting my car, till I sow the car. This car was a 89' Lincoln Town car..... Oh my this car was a beast. I was not sure how to drive it, but
after I got use to it I fell in love. I loved this car so much! But at the beginning of the year it died. :( And I was back in the car shopping mode. Well if you did not all ready know I graduated this year, and guess what I got for a graduation gift..... A new car, I know ride around in a 07' Ford Forces. I miss my old car, but is nice to have a car the ever things works on. All the locks, lock, all the windows work, and the heat works (for our 3 months out of the year w get cold) God really is good, and has blessed me with two cars. I am so thankful for both of them.

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