Sunday, November 28, 2010

2011 Is Just Around The Corner

Wow I can not believe 2011 is almost upon us, it seems like just a year ago it was 2010, oh wait it was. I know I have been doing a few blogs on "in the season" kind of mood, so I guess here is another one for you.

With the new year almost here I have been thinking a lot on new years resolution, but I like to be different and a little odd ( I think I get that from my dad ) so lets call this New Year's Determination! I am DETERMINED this year to stick to what I say I am going to do for a year. I have been doing some deep thinking on what all I want to do this year ( and stick to ). I have a small list and I'm sure it will change by time January gets here.

What are your DETERMINED to do in 2011?

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