Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 22: Day Spent With People I Love

This is day 22, we are almost there. To day I put my gray vest with my black flats with my dress. I wore this outfit the other day, but this time I did not put the belt with it, and I wore a black head band.



I was so excited yesterday I got to see Brett (who had surgery, so it had been a week since I last sow him) and Alisha (who had been in TN)

It was such a fun day! I finished "Julie & Julia", an Brett's gift. Then went to picked up Matt and headed over to Brett's for the day.

After we left Brett's (I had Rachel with me) her and I heading out to cause some good old trouble. Her and I went to wal - mart and got balloons, sticky notes and car paint. WHAHAHA!
All this only means one thing, We tagged some cars. Yes, her and I tagged some of out friends cars it was the best. We had so much fun being together and goofing off.

This has been one of the best Fridays!

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