Saturday, April 24, 2010

The hurt I feel becuase of YOU

I thought once that I would never feel this hurt again, but I was wrong. You friend made this pain come back. You made me feel like I am not a good person. You were the reason I cried my teirs of hurt. "Becuase of you".

Why? Why do people think they can have what ever they want? huh people, I love them I would go crazy with out my friends. But people also make me want to cry. Do people not relize that words hurt. The things you sat and then those actoins hurt others. I had to learn that one the hard way and I wish I did not have to, but I did and know I see what words can do. If you are reading this watch your words, becuase you dont know who they are going to hurt.

Father please help please help us to watch our words. Be good friends and care for one another. Amen!

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